Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small passive data file, which is stored on your computer and helps you to remember previously visited websites and your preferences. For instance, a cookie can remember if you are searching for tools instead of lamps, and thereby you get more views and offers on tools. In web shopping, a cookie often simplifies the sale process, in that you don’t have to put in your information again and again. Cookies are therefore also used in online advertising, because banners etc. are targeted you and your preferences.

Cookies are anonymous and contains no personal data. The data file is passive and therefore it can’t spread virus or damage the computer or the programs.

Personal Data Protecting

Treatment of personal information is subject to the Personal Data Protecting Act. We store Your specified information in 5 years. As registered you always have the right and opportunity for insight, and you can make an opposition, according to the rules in the Personal Data Protecting Act.  By signing up for our newsletter, we register your E-mail address. The E-mail address will not be given away to others.  If personal information is collected on our website, we always make sure, that it happens with clear acceptation and consent by you, thereby you are informed about which exact information is collected and why.

Web statistics

We use web statistics, mainly to know which of our product or web pages, are the most popular. The statistics are stored in Google Analytics and will not be given to a third part. We record your behavior on the website, to make sure you get the best experience on our website.

Choosing cookies

You can always and anytime delete cookies from your computer by selecting or deselecting at each website. The selection of cookies must be controlled in the browser settings on your computer, that way the host of the website can’t control or change them.