Almost all of my life have been spent on creating and inventing. I have dedicated my life to the creative world, which is also reflected in my work and career. When I am not working (which I actually am most of the time, but I do – however – have some free time), I spend my time creating new stuff.

My creations vary from paintings, graphics, drawings, knitting, crocheting and even cooking and creating recipes. Sometimes I manage to sell some creations, but I mostly do it for my own pleasure.

Illustrations & posters

I have made posters for many occasions. I have made a bunch of custom made illustrations by request. I also once had a small poster store on Facebook, called ‘Design by Filbært’. I sold posters when I was in school to be a designer, and used the experience I got from making the posters.

Later on my focus has been on wildlife and nature, embraced with geometrical shapes. I shot most of the pictures myself when traveling around the world, which is my main source of inspiration.